"How To Make Customers Stop In Their Tracks With Your Videos?"


How to get more customers

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* By Getting "NEW" Customers with "BOLD" Looking Videos

& Social Media Marketing!

* Start getting customers to think about your brand!

* The value you'll get to help turn your business around in the digital media!


With the help of...


    LL Studio 2069 


A Division of

LL Studio 2069 LLC


Our Little Video REEL of Past Works,

Is listed below...




Video 1.  A video we created for a author, and his new book.




Video 2.This video we created for model KGreenEyez for her birthday.




Video 3. We created this video for our company as a promo/branding video.



Video 4. We created this concept video piece for the Dutch Bros Coffee

Company as a promo ad/branding video.









Video 5. We created this concept video piece for the Dutch Bros Coffee

Company - Clothing Division as a 30 seconds think out the box promo ad/branding video.

(Btw, We don't see any boxes!)





Not Only Videos,  We Also Can Provide These Other Services...  


  • 1 Basic Funnel Done For You. 

    (*Also with a monthly recurring charge.)

    Our funnel are designed to bring you customers,  We're an all in one Marketing Platform for your leads in FaceBook, Instagram, & YouTube Ads.  

    (**This fuunel is designed to be imported into our Agency System with your very own account )

  • 1 (30 Sec to a 1 Min)Video Shoot (w/ Music as a Bonus) & 1 Product/Person Photo Shoot (**Per Month). For Social Media Ad 

    Get 1 Video Per Month, Produce  By Us! (**As long as you still on the month recurring charge.)

    (**For S.Fla Only for Now)

    With that you also get a total of 2 Revision, (any extra will be  charge $500 each.)

  • 1 Killer Headline Ad Copy (a Bonus) 

    Our 1 Killer Headline Ad Copies. Are attention- grabbing, that make people "STOP" in their tracks on Social Media to click on your ad!

  • 1 Awesome WarRoom

     account (a Bonus)  

    (*Also with a monthly recurring charge)

    Our clients get to extract, in real time, the  analytics, & metrics relevant to thier account. 

  • LL Studio 2069 LLC is  your One-Stop Social Media Marketing Team!

    We offer other services. Like building  funnels, connected with email marketing, social media marketing, and more. Just ask...(Yes, we built this.)

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